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How to easily portion and prepare kingklip

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Recipes | 0 comments

My history of Kingklip in Cape Town

As a kid I remember every restaurant having Kingklip on the menu and it was considered THE fish to order when eating out. The flesh is firm and white with a mild-sweet flavour so it works well in a large range of dishes.

Growing up, we ate a lot of fish but as my dad had a commercial ski boat license he caught mostly Yellowtail, Cob, Cape salmon and red fish. We didn’t often catch and prepare Kingklip as it is caught on large boats usually many miles offshore in the deeper water either by long line or trawling. So when we did eat fish out, kingklip was a real treat.

Kingklip’s popularity meant it was in great demand and became overfished in the 90’s but the good news is that due to more sustainable fishing practices the stocks have improved and the fishing methods have a far less negative impact on the environment.

Kingklip – A versatile fish to cook

The possibilities are endless with Kingklip – its great in curries and spicy foods. It works well with tomatoes and as its firm, it it perfect in soups and stews.

For this blog I’m baking it in paper (or en pappilotte). I particularly like this method for Kingklip as the paper pocket holds all the juices from the Kingklip which then mixes with the lemon and butter sauce……soooo good!

When you order Kingklip from Ocean Jewels we pack the fish in 500g and 1kg packs and its always skinned and deboned (the skin is not great to eat).

You’re welcome to request that we portion it for you but its pretty easy. Watch me show you how below:

Video: How to portion and prepare Kingklip

Recipe: Prepare Kingklip en papillote

Now that you can prepare Kingklip, have a look at my favourite wat to cook it:


  • Kingklip portions 150 to 200g each
  • Salt and pepper
  • Butter
  • sliced lemons
  • Fresh Thyme


  1. Place the kingklip in the center of a square of baking paper
  2. Season with salt and pepper
  3. Top with slices of fresh lemon, garlic, butter and thyme
  4. Fold up the parcel – I like to do it like a loose school sandwich but the correct way can be seen here
  5. Bake in the oven at 180 for 12 minutes and allow to stand for 5 minutes to finish cooking.

Video: Watch me complete the dish below

Conclusion – Prepare Kingklip from start to eat

To portion and prepare Kingklip fish opens the door to a world of culinary possibilities. Armed with the knowledge and techniques shared in this blog, you can confidently transform this remarkable fish into a delectable masterpiece in your own kitchen. The Kingklip en Papillote recipe we’ve explored combines the natural flavours of this fish with a symphony of herbs, vegetables, and zesty aromatics, all enveloped in a delicate parchment package. As the package gently steams, it infuses every bite with a burst of flavour and ensures that the Kingklip remains moist and succulent. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or a curious cook looking to impress, this dish promises a delightful dining experience that is both elegant and easy to achieve. So, don your apron, sharpen your knife, and get ready to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the incredible flavours of Kingklip fish. Happy cooking!

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