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Recipe: Poke Bowl

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Meal Kits | 1 comment

This recipe contains instructions on how to prepare your Ocean Jewels Meal Kit. You can purchase meal kits on our online store in the fish dishes section (subject to availability).

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Your Poke Bowl ingredients are pretty much ready to put together but I’ve made a few notes below that will help if you are a first time poke bowl maker:

Edamame Beans
Pour boiling water over the beans and let them stand for 10 min.

Wasabi Powder
Mix with a little water until it forms a paste. Allow to stand for a few minutes. Be careful it’s super hot. 

Sushi rice
The rice has a mixture of salt, sugar and rice wine vinegar added so is ready to serve. If the rice has hardened in the fridge refresh it –  Place rice in a bowl, add a tablespoon of boiling water, seal and microwave for 30 seconds. If you don’t have a microwave steam for a minute or so in a rice strainer. Allow the rice to cool and then use.

The dressing is our own Ocean Jewels salad dressing and contains: Soy sauce, apple juice, rice wine vinegar, sweet soya sauce, white vinegar, lemon juice, oil, garlic and ginger.  The dressing is great over any salad ingredients you add.

Soy sauce
The soy sauce we use is Kikkoman – the red one.


I’d add some crunchy salad ingredients like carrots, cabbage, cucumber, radish and peppers. Pineapple, mango and cashew nuts would also be delish.


The thin bags are biodegradable cellophane. Please return the little plastic containers are we can wash and re-use.

Enjoy and please send me pics!


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