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by | May 18, 2023 | Meal Kits | 0 comments

This recipe contains instructions on how to prepare your Ocean Jewels Meal Kit. You can purchase meal kits on our online store in the fish dishes section (subject to availability).

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traditional fishcakes

Our traditional fish cakes are fully cooked and just need a quick heat up. I love to melt a little butter in a non stick pan and fry them although if you don’t want to use the extra butter you can just warm them in a dry pan. The microwave works well but please don’t over heat otherwise they can become dry. The fishcakes are delish served with chips or mash and a salad. They work well with a little Ocean Jewels tartare sauce or even a tomato smoor (homemade tomato sauce)


Selection of fish, onions, fish spice, potatoes (about 20%) parsley and a light dusting of flour on the outside.

Our gluten free fishcakes have herbs and salt and pepper as seasoning and we dust in corn flour before cooking.

Thai fishcakes

Our Thai fishcakes are super easy and full of flavour. I’m super happy with our recipe as we hand cut half the fish so there’s bit of added texture in the fishcake….and they’re gluten free.


Selection of fish, red curry paste, fish sauce, lime juice, eggs, rice flour, green beans, spring onion, coconut milk and sweet chili sauce

cooking instructions

  1. Please first defrost
  2. Back at 180°c for 15 minutes, turning half way
  3. Serve with fresh coriander and salad
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